woman in hospital gown holding stillborn baby faces concealed

Leisel’s Collection

This jewellery range gives you something real to hold on to, to anchor you to your baby in this world that continues on. Leisel Bea is my baby girl who was stillborn in May 2018. While learning to live with the grief for my daughter I would, and still do, seek out and hold on to anything that reminds me of her. Anything coloured mint green, a bumble bee fridge magnet, her birthstone.

This jewellery range originated from that need and a need to say her name. A need to find some way to make Leisel’s little life mean something in this world.


I have been a creative and maker my whole life, with a Master of Communication Design and Bachelor of Interior Design. In 2009 I launched a handmade jewellery business, JAC studios. Leisel’s Collection is the newest range for JAC studios, and the closest to my heart.

Bears of Hope

Bears of Hopeis a wonderful non-profit organisation that offered my family and I meaningful support when our Leisel was born. They provide information and support to families who have suffered pregnancy and infant loss throughout Australia, in the form of ‘Bears of Hope, information packs, support groups and counselling.

To help their work in helping bereaved families, 25% of all purchases from Leisel’s Collection will be donated to Bears of Hope in honour of your baby.

Our Story

My husband Gavin and I were delighted, overjoyed and a little bit (read: a lot) scared to find out we were expecting identical twins. Despite the high-risk nature of the pregnancy we settled into it and the excitement started to grow along with our darling twin A and twin B.

At our 20 week ultrasound we found out that our beautiful babies were girls, we had 20 adorable fingers and 20 delightful toes. Both our girls were doing very well however our sweet baby B was smaller than she should be so we were referred to our local Fetal Medicine Unit.

At 22 weeks we discovered that our darling little B had sIUGR (Selective Intrautrine Growth Restriction) she was 40% smaller than her sister with irregular blood flow. At 22 weeks and 2 days our beautiful baby’s heart stopped beating. She lay still and peaceful, warm and loved, next to her growing sister for the next 11 weeks.

Both girls arrived at 33 weeks. Eloise Anne, our bouncing baby A arrived first, she was small but mighty, given strength by her angel twin. Leisel Bea, our sweet baby B arrived two minutes later, peaceful and loved.

Navigating our new life as parents, carrying the grief of our missing daughter has been and continues to be the biggest challenge of our lives.